Friday, May 30, 2008

update, with photos!

Today, since I was so close (Idre & thereabouts), I drove across the border into Norway for a few minutes. Immediately the speed limit went up by ten, and all the o's were crossed out.

Here are some of those pictures I promised you:

^ The morksuggan! It's saying, "Keep Rattvik clean." And implying, "Or else."

^ Cat shaved like a poodle. How did they get it to sit still for this?

^ All of the houses are cute. (This one's cheating; it's historic. But still.)

^ See? Normal house, totally cute. Look at the tiny, tiny hut in the middle. Aww.

^ Even the hotdog stands are cute.

^ Cute bike.

^ One of my lunch stops.

^ A bear!


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    A bear! Very cool.



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  3. didja see the other bear to the left behind a bush, showing its bum? Or am i just imagining it.
    Steve A

  4. Yep! How pervy of you to notice. Even better, outside the frame was a different bear taking a bath! They were all in enormous cages, in a wildlife park thingie, so it's kind of cheating to post a photo like I went out hiking and saw some bears and just casually snapped their pictures. Although of course I would totally do that.