Monday, February 10, 2014


Working on a thing. This might be relevant, or at least probably useful to keep in mind:

The hipster represents what can happen to middle class whites, particularly, and to all elites, generally, when they focus on the struggles for their own pleasures and luxuries -- seeing these as daring and confrontational -- rather than asking what makes their sort of people entitled to them, who else suffers for their pleasures, and where their "rebellion" adjoins social struggles that should obligate anybody who hates authority.
-- from the excellent and now kind of old n+1 book What Was the Hipster?, which I'm finally getting around to reading, along with a whole bunch of other stuff I've been meaning to read for ages...

Also working on a makeover of this here glob, because I am also now kind of old, and reading the tiny white-on-black type hurts my tired eyes. More news to come. Stay alert!