Tuesday, April 01, 2014

olden tymes

Wow, time flies, y'all. My very first motorcycle race was seven years ago today: April Fool's, 2007. (I crashed.)

It isn't even "Throwback Thursday" but what the heck: how about a brief episode of gazing toward the past in wonderment and/or confusion. Motorcycle racing! What a weird thing to do. Lately I've been pondering whether to keep my tiny vintage racebike for possible future use or just go ahead and admit that I'm not really a racy gal.

(Sort of a moot point this year, due to current lack of steady income. But - never say never, etc.)

The thing is, I am not fast; I started out slow that first year and have never kept at it consistently enough to improve much. The last time I competed was in 2011, and I think I only did two races that year.

And -- like everyone, probably -- I don't really like being bad at things in public, unless it's funny.

But it could be funny! Maybe. Or it could just embarrass everyone. Or I could get better at it! Hard to say.

Racing is very exciting; it's an excellent way to improve your riding; and best of all, it works as kind of a laboratory for testing yourself against your own fear and bad habits.

But to do it properly requires dedication. It costs money (not tons, but some). It helps if you're mechanically inclined (I am the opposite). And I'm kind of a chicken, which as I've mentioned makes me slow, which means that my standard role on the track is "obstacle to dodge."

(I also know it doesn't help to go around talking about how slow you are if you want to go faster. I do not embrace my chicken identity! It's just kind of a nervous tic at this point, another bad habit.)

Anyhow. For olde tymes' sake I dug up from the archives a couple of race-day reports, just for fun. Also found these two blog posts I wrote for WW back when that sort of thing was still happening.

(obstacle being very politely dodged)

Anyhow. The first race at PIR this season is April 12 & 13. You should go! It's fun to watch. Lots of my pals and clubmates will be on the track.

Now back to work. Stay tuned!