Thursday, May 01, 2008

Setting an Example

It's good to know Sweden is focusing its energy on the really important things....


  1. Another crack in the patriarchal dam holding back the Goddess from her true place of power!

    All we need are these signs, a few Le Tigre songs, and — oh, I dunno — the complete rewriting of male genetic and/or hormonal instincts and then sexism will be killed off once and for all.

  2. Heja Sverige :) Well, actually the austrian city Linz spent a ridicolously amount of money on re-painting the bike- and pedestrian-signs on the pavement showing the bike-pedestrianzones. Me personally have a bigger problem with getting less salary for same work or that there are way to few kindergarten-places so women "have" too stay at home than with a male figure showing me where I can cross the street. But that's just me.