Friday, May 02, 2008


Willy V's book just came out! (Dang, Powell's made me think it wasn't out until this weekend.) I have been waiting all week and am annoyed that I didn't just go look and see if they had it at the bookstore, because they probably did. You can't trust the Internet! (For reals about the waiting, though! It is going to be my finally finished-with-the-semester present to myself!) Anyway, I'm going over there right now!'s WV's playlist on the New York Times book blog.

Also, check out this sort of funny/creepy thing I found the other day: a blog post in which someone psychoanalyzes my review of WV's novel The Motel Life.


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    So you've finally attracted the interest of the Christian right... Just a bit creepy, that blog entry.


  2. That NYT Vlautin blog is great and I love Willy's ability to project himself into his characters. It's really too bad that I find R.F.'s music so boring.

    But, uh, you're "shopping for a Creator" now? Found any sweet deals? I can probably swing you a good price on some Papua-New Guinea animist deities. Some theological assembly required, however.


  3. I think it's interesting that this Meg psychoanalyzer girl followed the Grateful Dead for 10 years, and likes cats but not techno music. It's like I have a twin (except for the Jesus crap). Good luck shopping for a creator--I heard the Scientologists have them 30 percent off.