Saturday, September 12, 2009


I wish "locavore" meant someone who intends to eat everything in the vicinity.


  1. Duderina11:49 AM

    It’s 2.45 am on Lamma Island, Hong Kong, the tropical cyclone signal No. 8 has been issued, Duran Duran is playing on radio 3 RTHK: I’m on a hunt down after you... hungry like the wolf, and I am preparing a tutorial for tomorrow morning (if we can all get to work) on omnivores, herbivores and carnivores and suddenly you come up with a new funky concept, locavore! You mean literally to eat everything in the vicinity? Not just as if I were to catch those man-eating centipedes we have here, and have them sizzle in the wok, or make something of the rat the size of a cat on my balcony, but rather become goat-woman (as opposed to bat-man)? Goats ate empty cigarette boxes and plastic bags in Dakar, and tasted someone's vanilla colored Mercedes... i.e. everything. Please elaborate.

  2. Well...hmm. The question itself is pretty astounding, and I'm hesitant to demean it by attempting an answer. So I'll just tell you, for now, that my mom says she has 7 of these "locavores" in her workshop - they're called puppies. The great devourers. :)


  3. Locavore! I like it!