Thursday, February 14, 2008

VD Special

I've always hated Valentine's Day, but until last year I never had a legitimate reason. Now that I do (thank you, former teenage boyfriend, who ditched me that night to seduce someone cooler, and even borrowed my camera to blog about it afterwards!), I can enjoy hating it unreservedly. For many years I marked the holiday with a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine, because like Valentine's Day it was fake, cheap, pink, vile, bad-smelling and would rot your guts out. I am far too old for that now, and besides, the shop on the corner didn't have any. So this year I'm eating ramen (pink packet) and an apple (Pink Lady) while fantasizing about the long-dead PDX writer John Reed (pinko!). So far, so good.

Friday night was much worse. I watched a DVD (for research - swear), and when I ejected the disc, Bridget Jones's Diary was on TV. (The dorm dads hooked up my cable while I was away for Xmas, which required them to move the TV clear across the room and string up an elaborate series of wires, so I guess they mean it.) A more spineful person might've turned off the television and continued with her studies, but not me. I was sucked in. Bridget Jones. Too sick-making. Worst of all, it was the kind of all-American TV station that interrupts its movies with commercial breaks. Following are the types of products advertised on a Friday night to people watching Bridget Jones's Diary:
  • champagne
  • designer perfume
  • yeast-infection goo
  • vaginal lubricant
  • Doritos.
Okay, TV people. Here is a tip I will give to you free of charge. Women who are at home at 10pm on a Friday night watching Bridget Jones's Diary do not as a rule need vaginal lubricant. Not unless it comes in one of those fancy holiday gift packs with various interesting accessories.

The champagne is fine, of course, although if you really want to know, whiskey would be better. As for the Doritos, well, yes, obviously.


  1. I've gotten so good at ignoring Valentine's Day that I almost missed it entirely this year.

    I say "almost" because I still buy my psycho meds at Rite Aid, and thus I was assaulted by V.D. advertising for at least a month in advance of the actual Feb. 14 date itself.

    On the other hand, there is the advantage of discounted chocolates during the weeks immediately following V.D. (and Easter, Xmas, etc.)!

  2. Dude, for the last few days I couldn't remember what I did last Valentine's Day. Thanks for holding a grudge and reminding me, nub!

  3. PS I spent Valentine's this year with an actual teenager!

  4. Holding grudges is what keeps me warm at night, kiddo.

    Glad I could help out!