Sunday, February 17, 2008


Heard on the television yesterday:
"Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex." I think that's good advice.

Today somehow I cut myself on the lid of a travel mug. See? I am fragile. I only seem tough.

This is old, but I love it (and it's relevant, in a way: cows, death). The website,, is sort of a watchdog group defending art against the prudes of Scandinavia. It hasn't been doing much lately, though. Here's another pretty old case, probably only funny if you've seen the ubiquitous Kosta Boda glassware cramming every souvenir shop in Sweden and distributed equally among all citizens whether they like it or not. Fair's fair.

More later,

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  1. Here's another link from Artliberated:

    Make Media, Make Trouble

    I bring it up because it was supposedly written by "Luther Blisset" — but "Luther Blissett" is a blank pseudonym used by a lot of pranksters who wish to stay anonymous. It's also very often connected with Neoism, and one of the major Neoist players was none other than — drum roll, please — Stewart Home. So anytime I see a "Luther Blisset(t)" byline, I wonder if maybe it's Stewart Home in disguise. This Artliberated site seems like something right up his alley, too.