Thursday, November 09, 2006

Internet addiction

I keep having to drive down off the mountain to get wired into the interweb. I cannot stop doing it! OK, so part of it is work-related. But that's mostly a feeble excuse. What is wrong with me??? Or maybe it's not me. Possibly, nature is boring!

Whatever. Twice a week is not that bad for a junkie - right?!? The point is, send me emails. Otherwise it won't be worth it and the fun will be sapped right out of my one remaining guilty pleasure. (Exert that comment power, Z Diddy!)

On the way down here, I drove past a flock of high-school girls in tank tops tidying up the pet cemetery. (It's right next to the veterinarian - good advertising!) The weather's been amazing - warm and sunny all day every day almost since I got here. Supposed to get stormy tonight, though. I am laying in supplies this afternoon. As they say.

After the vet's I passed the seedy-looking (if that's not redundant) Naughty Notions lingerie shop and then The Metaphysical Shop, where I presume you can't buy any kind of simple object. "Hunters Welcome" signs decorate every business in both Poncha Springs and Salida. I keep forgetting to wear orange when I go out hiking. If no one ever hears from me again it probably means I've been shot.

There's a big red truck parked outside that boasts eXtreme FOAM! ( Lunchtime's approaching, and the camo dudes are streaming in. A squalling child is sitting right behind me (shudder). Hoo boy, look at the time.

P.S. Pics of cabin and back yard:

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Shouldn't there be pics of the high school girls in tank tops? Not nearly as boring as nature...