Monday, April 13, 2015

revising tony

Alert readers may recall that I've been working my way through the fitness program P90X, thanks to my awesome brother (hi Karl!). It is super fun, and of course I adore Tony, but sometimes you want to just do the workout and not necessarily watch the video. For those occasions it's helpful to have a brief description of each move, to complement the official worksheets where you commit your specific failings to paper.

I like to customize these for easier recall. Here's a sample from today's workout, to give you an idea. As you'll see, it's pretty brutal.

Slow Motion 3 in 1 Push-up: Do one push-up. Counts as three.

Side Tri Rise: Lie down on your side. Try to get up. How many tries did it take you? Write it down.

Floor Flys: Lie on the floor on your stomach. Flap your arms up and down like you're flying.

Throw the Bomb: Grab the P90X DVD in your left hand. Throw it out the window. Now, using both hands, grab the television. Throw it out the window.

In & Out Shoulder Flies: Time to refuel with a burger! Double-double animal style, from the drive-thru, and when you're done, throw the empty bag over your shoulder on the fly. (See?)

Side to Side Push-ups: Lie down and curl into the fetal position on your left side. Weep freely (remember to breathe!). Roll onto your other side and repeat.

Chair Dips: Pretty self-explanatory - set a bowl of chips on the table, place dips on a nearby chair (you need to be able to reach them from where you're lying on the floor). Enjoy.

Lying Triceps Extensions: Lie on the floor on your back, dumbbells at your sides. Stand up. On your worksheet, lie about how many triceps extensions you did. Remember to exaggerate the weight of the dumbbells.

Pike Press: Coffee break! Pike press is just like a french press but you stand on your tiptoes while it's brewing. How long can you hold the position? Write it down.

Clap or Plyo Push-ups: Watch as your buddy does some push-ups. Applaud.

One-Arm Push-ups: Come on, who are we kidding.

One Arm Balance Push-up: Get into push-up position. Tremble. Collapse. Cry. Repeat as needed.

Weighted Circles: Hold your arms out straight at your sides, shoulder height, and have your workout buddy pull them off, one at a time.

Don't forget the cool-down! 

(It's a milkshake.)

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