Sunday, December 07, 2014


The other night I told somebody that if I had my way, from Halloween to Valentine's Day I would probably curl up and hide. It's the cheerful party season. I'd like to stay home but I don't want to wake up in the spring with no friends. Also whenever I do venture out, I have a nice time. So I'm not really complaining. But to work as well as play requires an unsexy strategy: moderation. 

"Lagom" is a Swedish word meaning just the right amount - not too much, not too little. A national character summarized in one word of advice. If it's written on my hand I can't claim to forget about it. (Not such a big deal with coffee, maybe, but you get the idea.) Sticking with lagom is important because otherwise, very quickly, the situation slides over into all play and no work. I mean, who wouldn't rather just chill?

Icky winter is the best time of year for writing, but it's also the hardest in which to crawl out from under the covers if nobody is making you do that. This Chuck Wendig thing is a few weeks old but pretty fun, and useful. Mainly, for me, it's just a question of doing what you say you want to do. I think I'll unplug my Netflix account this week, just for a little while; it's so much easier to watch something than to make something. One of my favorite kids' books was a Frog & Toad story in which they experiment with the concept of "willpower," which in this case meant wrapping up the extra cookies in a box inside a box inside a box, tying the box up with string and stashing it way up high on the very top of the fridge, hard to reach without a step-ladder.

I think it might work.


  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Keep in mind, they still discovered they could go get the step ladder, get down the box, untie the string, open the box, and then eat the cookies (I love Toad; my Zachary is Toad). Frog decides the true exercise of will power is to take the cookies outside and feed them to the birds (hence puritanically getting rid of all of the fun available) and then stating that they then have lots of will power to not eat the cookies ('cause they are gone ...). Toad just goes home and bakes a cake instead (like I said, I love Toad). I've read this story once a week for 7 1/2 years, and each time I finish, I go downstairs and eat some cookies (unless Natalie ... I mean Frog... has given them all away).


  2. GB your comments are the best! :) xo