Saturday, May 18, 2013

in between

An in-betweener post to tide you over while I finish tinkering around with a real post...

This song has been on permanent repeat in the Becky den lately --

(Not currently for topical reasons, oddly enough; I just think it's lovely.)

And this just came my way, via Mike Russell, source of all good things --

And speaking of Mike Russell, here's a hilarious drawing he made from an email my awesome brother (hi Karl!) sent me about telling Real Live Stories at bedtime to the kids (my little twin nephews). Their list of demands for the contents of the real-live stories (an egg, a big rock, a big chicken, a visitor) led to this composite illustration:

I've heard Karl and Natalie telling these stories before, and it's the greatest thing: the little dudes are rapt, suspense levels are extremely high, and the narrative shenanigans of the storytellers are impressive and humbling. Maybe I can get Karl to record some of them to send me, and then I can have real-live bedtime stories too.

What else? Hmmm......the two best movies I've seen this year are Frances Ha and Upstream Color. I'm not reviewing them or anything but I might come back here later and write a little more. For now, the trailers:

This one, though, might be too revealing-of-surprises....or maybe it's fine, I'm not sure. You should probably just go see the movie if you can, and then watch the trailer. Not everyone will love it, but I'll take the chance:

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