Friday, June 22, 2012

Excellent news!

"... there are already Avian Flu strains in existence that are just three mutations away from human-to-human infection."


  1. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Dear Becky. My name is Tomasz Pozar and i´m a journalist writing for the four local papers Östermalmsnytt, Södermalmsnytt, Vi i Vasastan and Vårt Kungsholmen in Stockholm. I´m writing an article about how English guidebooks portrait our districts and would be very pleased if You would like to answer some questions.

    * How is your procedure looks like when you writing a guidebook?
    * How do you find and decide which tips (bar, restaurants, shops) you going to write about?
    * What was your first impression of:
    - Kungsholmen?
    - Vasastan/Norrmalm?
    - Östermalm?
    - Södermalm?
    * What´s your absolutely best recommendation to do in Stockholm?

    I hope you want and have time to answer my questions.
    All the best to you!

    Tomasz Pozar
    Direkt +46 8 545 870 86 Box 5290,
    Mobil tfn +46 736 006 917 102 46 Stockholm

  2. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Dear Becky
    If You going to have time, please send the answers to my colleague Andreas Enbuske since I am going on vacation from today:

    Tomasz Pozar