Thursday, July 10, 2008

sweden recap

As promised...a brief wrap-up of Sweden, form of list:
  • Days in country: 38
  • Kilometers driven: 7818
  • Same distance in miles, according to an online converter: 4846.695299451205
  • It sounds cooler in miles!
  • Kilometers of trails hiked: probably about 100
  • Kilometers of city sidewalks explored: 4846.695299451205 (not counting when I was lost)
  • Peed in the woods: many times
  • Non-adorable cottages seen: two (plus one that was just so-so)
  • Elk spotted: one
  • Reindeer: hundreds
  • Australians: only one!
  • Pairs of shoes annihilated: one and a half (I've been limping)
  • Hotdogs eaten: one
  • Herring for breakfast: five times!
What? Where am I???

The last little bit of my trip was spent in Harnosand with the whole family, as described earlier. Sample photo:

GB and Mini-GB. Dang, that chick is small!

Best quotation of the trip, taken from a report about reindeer, their history and uses:
"The intestines made nice toys for the kids."

When I flew back to Portland, the boys picked me up at the airport in a minivan. It was supposed to be a van full of cute boys, but by accident they had instead filled it with cute girls. Oh well. There was also beer, and just enough room for my luggage, so I was pleased. We cruised around for awhile, attempted to look at the sparkly lights of Portland from Mt Tabor Park, were denied by Johnny Law, retreated to Beulahland, had one beer each and all went to bed. (Not together.)

A couple of days later, John G and Sean came in from SFO for Margo's Awesome Goth Wedding and we immediately went out for drinks. I was still jetlagged and waking up at 3am every day, which meant things started to look weird and woozy by the time the bars closed, but it was fun. (It also made me wonder how much time can pass before you have to concede that what you've been calling jetlag is really just your personality.)

JG and I went to Powell's. I love Powell's. I bought four books. Because if there's one thing I need, it's more books. One of them was Kevin Sampsell's new book, the ickily titled Creamy Bullets, and as I was carrying it around the store, there he was. I saw him see me holding his book, and I didn't know what to do - it was already autographed, and I've only met him once a long time ago, and I just sort of froze. Looked away. Awkward.

The other things I bought were Gary Lutz's Partial List of People to Bleach, which I keep hearing about (mostly from Kevin Sampsell! who published it), and a Paul Berman book (for skool), and this book called Motorman by David Ohle, whose new novel The Pisstown Chaos (which I just started) might be the weirdest thing I've ever read. Planning to review it somewhere so I'll save the details, but if you're impatient and like reading weird things, pick it up.

And that's all for now. More guidebook typing awaits!

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  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    "Australians: only one!" ... So It is true , The World is becoming a better place !

    I've been a bit slack at following your blog, so I just gave myself a Becky-dose.

    I've just returned from the UK recently. My bloody tenants changed their moving-out date 3 times !

    Hope you're well. Drop me a line if you need some unbiased ( yeah right ! ) info re Tärnaby ;)