Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Foot Gallery

Photos taken in Llanidloes, evening of Day 3.

Zach, Day 3:

Patrick, Day 3:

This was taken at Llanwddyn, by Lake Vyrnwy - Day 7. Note the swelling; it looked much worse in real life. Zach's nickname has now shifted from "Cream Flow" to "Club Foot":

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  1. Y'all are pussies. I have permanent stigmata scabs in the bony notch where the top of the foot meets the ankle - the result of 15 years of combat boot stupidity. Plus the sides and bottoms of my feet are calloused like dried and salted fish. Add some ever-changing mottled bruises and blisters and you have a podiatrist's nightmare.

    Actually, with all this foot damage, maybe I should start worrying about diabetes. ;-)