Sunday, June 04, 2006


Ladies who lunch. This is at the fisksoppa restaurang inside Hotorgshallen, but we all broke tradition that day and did not get fisksoppa. The place is cool because you're surrounded by row after row of fish on ice, only slightly more fresh than the ones you're eating.

View of Stockholm from the bridge over to Djurgarden, the park island.

Sandwich cake. We ate this at mormor's birthday party. Yum!

Speaks for itself, really....

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  1. All right, it looks like the good and evil marshmallows attacking each other, but when I searched online I found the following helpful translations:

    "Travels we foresla an entire wretched to breakfast"

    "Father wes trout a entire arm to breakfast"

    "Sheep propose an entire army to breakfast"

    "May we suggest an entire army to breakfast"

    Any of them close?